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Job Applicant’s Guide

What to expect from Forbes Global

1. Registration: When you come to Forbes Global, we will get to know you, your interests and understand the career objectives that you have. Once this is done, we will give you a list of available positions which can be viewed HERE. We will also give you advise on the best jobs and the ones that you are most likely to secure. We will request clear and accurate contact details, 2 copies of your passport photograph, education certificates, certificate of good conduct, your CV and passport. Once we have these details, we will create your profile in our database and advise you on when we will communicate next after the shortlisting session.

2. Short-Listing Session: Our shortlisting process is detailed. There are many levels to the hiring process, including sorting through applications, interviewing, screening, and reference checks. We make every effort to ensure that we carefully review all the documents that we have received and match every candidate to the right job. We do this to ensure that every candidate is accurately placed and that once they are taken in by the hiring organization, they will enjoy their job and experience true career growth and true transformation. Once we shortlist the candidates, we communicate with the successful candidates through calls and advise them on the date of the interview.

3. Interview Session: Once we have shortlisted, the successful candidates will be scheduled and invited for a live interview session conducted in Nairobi or Mombasa with a panel of headhunters from the Middle East. The interview sessions may include both practical and theory sessions. We also have video and call interviews  depending on client’s requested interview mode. We encourage the candidates to present their best form in order to be assured of passing the interview and proceed to the next stage. The interviewers take time to conduct extensive interviewing process so that the best candidates are taken and thus we advise the candidates to prepare adequately. After the interview session, the successful candidates are notified upon completion of the interview and they are notified of their roles, job descriptions and they are handed back to Forbes Global Limited for processing and also to start managing the travel abroad logistics.

4. Signing of Contract: To ensure that all the rights and privileges of all the candidates we help secure jobs abroad are upheld, the candidates enter into a contractual agreement with the employer. The contract clearly stipulates the rights and responsibilities of both parties and also stipulate the employment terns which includes the salary scale. This ensures that the candidates know exactly what their roles are before they leave the country and only accept to leave the county once they are comfortable with the terms of the contract. Our goal at Forbes Global Limited is to ensure that we take care of the interests of the candidates in the best way possible so that when they leave the county, their families are assured of their well being. We go over and beyond securing the job for them, we ensure their safety and well being too.

5. Medical Test: The medical test is a mandatory process of the new job. All candidates who accept the job have to accept to undergo a medical check to ensure that they are in good health and they have been approved for travel. This is especially important for the candidates as we would like to ensure that they are in great shape to take care of themselves and also to remain safe and adjust efficiently in the new country. All medical tests are conducted professionally by certified doctors and the results are confidential as is governed by the ethics of the medical profession. Candidates understand that the results are given also to the employer as part of the employment requirements but they are taken with knowledge and voluntary acceptance from the candidates. In case a candidate is uncomfortable with this, they could talk to us for further advise and assurance.

6. Visa and ticketing Logistics: We have a robust network with travel agencies to ensure that our clients get the best air travel rates. We also make it our responsibility to acquire all the necessary travel documents including the visa’s and work permits. We will liaise will all the relevant government agencies to ensure that the documents are in order and that the air tickets are booked in good time so that all the candidates need to do on their end is to get ready for travel and make the necessary arrangements with their families. Once this is done, we communicate with all the candidates to tell them of the travel date, the airline, the gate they will use when they get to the airport and the documents they will need to pass through the gate and board the plane. We also tell them who will be picking them up once they get to their destination. Because we are keen to ensure that no candidate misses their flight, we also call them on the day of travel in advance to remind them to get to the airport early.

7. Pre-departure Orientation:  All our clients are our family and we have a comprehensive pre-departure orientation with all the successful candidates to give them an overview of what to expect in their new county of residence and also assure them that we care about their welfare. We also give them advice on how to go about the airport procedures for those who have not travelled abroad before. This is done a few days before departure. We also ensure that we go through the checklist for the travel documents at the orientation to ensure that everything is in order.

8. Travel to Work-Station After the process is complete, the candidates are ready to travel to their new destinations. Once they land at the airport in the foreign country, they are received by their employer and the orientation in their new country of residence begins

9. Start of contract in the country of Destination At this point, they are in the custody of the employer and Forbes Global Limited allows the candidates to thrive and experience growth in their own way. The only aspect we contribute to is to ensure that they are safe and enjoying their new experience and that they have adjusted efficiently.

10. Enjoy your new fulfilling life You have made the right decision and we believe that this is the first step to the journey of growth and transformation. We have made every effort to ensure that we place you with a company that has your interest at heart. We trust that you will find this fulfilling and that you will grow and advance both your career and professional life. Here at Forbes Global, we know that you will thrive and wish you the very best. In case you need to touch base, please chat with us live or contact us through any other platform that you will find appropriate, we will love to help. All the best!!

What to Expect in Your New Employment

We make every effort to ensure that we do comprehensive background checks so that our candidates find the most favorable working conditions. The following needs and facilities are provided to you.

1. Food

Every employer ensures that staff are well fed and that their meals are part of the responsibility the employer has towards the employee. In case the company does not provide meals, then the salary package comes with the allowance to take care of this basic need.

2. Accommodation

A safe and secure environment is mandatory for productivity. Accommodation in a secure location is provided to the employees immediately thay land in the country of origin and the employers we have worked with ensure that the new employees adopt to the new environment by providing the necessary on ground support.

3.  Medical Insurance cover

This is another benefit that employees get to ensure that their healthcare needs are met. The employers communicates the terms of the health cover to the employees and this is also defined at the point of signing the contract when the employee is still in their home country to ensure that they find the terms favourable before they proceed to accept the employment offer.

4.  Transport

The employers ensures that the transport logistics are catered for to ease the burden of commuting to and from work. The employees there enjoy the benefit of transport allowance or the company they are working for provides the transport to ease movement.

5. Uniform

To work efficiently, the employers provide the right attire to working to employees. This means that employees get uniform and when need arises, the employees get protective clothing as is deemed necessary. This is to ensure safety and comfort at work.

6. Training

The employers take the candidates through a comprehensive training process to ensure that the candidates are well versed with their job descriptions and fully understand their roles. This ensures that there is no conflict arising out of miscommunication and it also protects the employees from wrongful termination. Training is done immediately the contract takes effect and adequate orientation is done to facilitate understanding of roles, expectations and responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. This makes for a conducive and favourable working environment and relationships built on trust.

What to Expect in Your New Employment

How to Apply

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