Forbes Global offers employers the comfort of having their labour demands met professionally and within the shortest time possible.  We conduct extensive background checks and facilitate orientation for all our candidates. This we do to ensure that they are available for immediate deployment. They range from professional, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled level. We supply industries including but not limited to; hospitality, facilities management, security, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, education, medicine, manufacturing, retail trade, governments, etc.

About Forbes Global 

Our Capabilities

and Process

We boast of a long list of happy clients. Backed by experienced staff whose well-rounded capabilities have proven effective, our clients are assured that we will meet their manpower requirements as per their job descriptions. Starting from pooling candidates, shortlisting, testing and Interviewing, selection, documentation for visa, job and pre-departure orientation to deployment; Forbes will do it for you your way.

The selection procedure involves rigorous interview sessions that include: oral interviews, written tests, aptitude and IQ and practicals (Trade Tests) when needed.

What Services Do We Offer?

  1. Advertise your manpower requirements in the major newspapers of nationwide circulation
  2. Update and activate our database of pre-qualified applicants for client’s selection
  3. Provide Clients with a conducive venue, facilities therein and reliable support staff during the selection process/interview
  4. Arrange the training needed, including trade tests and medical examination of selected applicants 
  5. Assist the selected applicants in the documentation requirements like the processing of their verified contract of employment in pertinent government agencies like the authentication of their documents in the ministry of foreign affairs if necessary, including also the stamping of visas for those workers whose destinations are in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  6. Assist the selected workers in their departure formalities/procedures
  7. Continuous update and monitoring of service rendered to all our clients. Ie. After-sales-service

What Services do We Offer?

What Documents do we Require?

In order for us to deploy your selected workers, your company needs to provide us with the following documents:

  1. Manpower request / Job Order: Indicating the actual positions of the personnel that you need, including the number of workers needed per position and also the proposed salary for each job category
  2. Recruitment agreement between your company and ours
  3. Special power of attorney issued in our favor so that we can make the advanced procedures in the screening of your needed workers.
  4. Revocation of special power of attorney in case you have previously contracted more than one agency here in Kenya to supply your needed manpower.
  5. Samples of standard employment contract
  6. Copy of your company’s commercial registration with an English translation
  7. Visa Authority and a copy of Visa (for clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
  8. Other documents to be requested by the Kenyan Embassy and the Kenyan overseas labor office in the country of destination.

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We have helped hundreds of businesses fill their labour requirements.